By UW Sustainability | Apr 20, 2015

UW Recycling, UW Sustainability, and the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences have created a new Lab Recycling Guide to help lab members decide whether or not some of their lab materials are eligible for recycling.

Recycling eligible lab materials is easy! Most materials can go into the mixed recycling bins. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Materials that contained hazardous products (e.g. biohazards, hazardous chemical residues, and/or radioactive materials) are not acceptable
  • Materials must be dried and emptied
  • Labels must be defaced
  • Paper products are recommended to go into separate paper-only recycling bins when possible

Labs can print the Guide from this link (or click on the picture of the poster below) and post it in conspicuous areas, such as over recycling bins. The Green Labs team can also print the Guide upon request - just email them at

For more information, visit UW Recycling or email

UW Lab Recycling poster