Students interested in learning about bees, beekpeeping and pollination have an opportunity to take a summer course covering basic modern beekeeping skills. If you are interested in food production, farming, holistic gardening, botany, entomology, pollination, or are just curious about bees, this course will provide a deep knowledge base. Your participation will be part internship and part science project, so be prepared to don your suit, grab your notebook, and have fun. Who knows - you may become a beekeeper!

The class is...

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The first Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) will take place February 6-8, 2018, at Portland State University. This regional conference merges the Oregon and Washington higher education sustainability conferences to create a platform for empowering and inspiring change making, facilitating action, and for sharing, networking, and collaboration related to sustainability within the region's higher education institutions. Through facilitated conversation, workshops, presentations and networking opportunities, participants will play a role in advancing...

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As the lead of the UW Tower Green Team, Bethany Staelens is always working to find ways to make her work at UW more sustainable.

Staelens, assistant to the vice provost of UW's Continuum College, has helped start UW Tower-wide initiatives such as reducing paper use and closing curtains to lower heating and cooling costs. She's also featured in a UW video highlighting the benefits of reducing paper

A Husky Green Award winner, Staelens is no stranger to the spotlight. Learn more about her environmental impact at the...

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UW Sustainability will hold Green Certification workshops the first Wednesday of each month, starting June 7th at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to join to learn more about our Green Office and Green Laboratory certification programs - we'll have a brief presentation, answer questions about the certification application, walk through available resources to help make your workplace more sustainable, and provide support for filling out the application.

Our first...

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It's almost the end of the year, and for many students that also means it's almost time to move. If there's items you don't have room for as you pack up, don't just throw them away - UW Recycling has several ways to give unwanted itmes to someone else who could use them.

Students in the on-campus residence halls can find a SCRAM (Student Cleanup, Recycle and Moveout) station in their building (list of locations here). Every residence hall has a donation station where clothing, food...

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LimeBike has job openings for Field Operation Specialists, both part-time and full-time, seasonal through the summer or permanent. Read the description below, and apply by emailing your resume and a cover letter detailing the position you're interested in and why you are interested to

Job description:

Are you about passionate about cycling, health or the environment? Do you love talking to people and love sharing awesome, user...

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As we near the end of the spring quarter, I wanted to share a recent interview I did for the Washington Higher Education Sustainability Coalition (WAHESC) newsletter. For many, the WAHESC network is a great place to meet other students, faculty and staff working on advancing sustainability in higher ed in our state.


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The third annual Resilience Summit, hosted by the student group ReThink, gave attendees a diverse group of perspectives on how sustainability and business can intersect. The event hosted speakers representing businesses and organizations from different areas but a common challenge was clear: how to incentivize sustainability from both a business and citizen level?

Katie Thompson and Annie Thomas of Sustainable Business Consulting provided an overview of what sustainable consulting looks like, and how it can be of benefit to businesses. In addition, they made sure to point out that...

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Students interested in creating solutions to environmental problems can register for the Environmental Innovation Practicum. The weekly seminar will help students create project-based solutions while receiving coaching by environmental professionals or entrepreneurs. The practicum can also help students prepare for the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. ...

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The Sustainable Business Consulting team is hosting a career workshop at the University of Washington on Wednesday, May 24. This hands-on workshop will teach some of the best practices for professionals looking to begin or advance their career in the sustainability field. You'll hear from Sustainability Jobs co-authors, Ruth Lee and Katie Thompson, as they take you through a fast-paced, roll up your sleeves workshop designed to help students understand how to advance their career in...

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