UW Resilience Summit brings diverse perspectives around sustainability and business

The third annual Resilience Summit, hosted by the student group ReThink, gave attendees a diverse group of perspectives on how sustainability and business can intersect. The event hosted speakers representing businesses and organizations from different areas but a common challenge was clear: how to incentivize sustainability from both a business and citizen level?

ReThink prepares for its first UW Resilience Summit

Photo: (Left) Co-creator of ReThink WIll Fantle and (Right) Vice President Gracie Dahl

A trip to Israel sparked a UW student's dream to leave a mark on the enviroment.

"There was a full moon, a massive brilliant orb, and stars everywhere,” said Will Fantle, co-creator of ReThink, a UW club focused on business sustainability. “They took us out in silence and told us to go find a spot in the desert. We sat out there for what felt like hours. I just lay there looking up at the stars thinking about what I wanted to do with my life."