UW Climate Action PlanHere you will find the questions, results and key findings of two surveys:

  • The 2014 UW Climate Action Plan: Sustainability on Campus survey. This survey was sent out to students, faculty and staff at the University of Washington Seattle campus by the Climate Action Plan (CAP) Communications team.
  • The 2012 CAP Communications Survey. The 2012 survey was designed by UW Keystone students to inform the UW community of Climate Action Plan commitments and initiatives to meet those commitments, as well as to help shape a communications plan for CAP that was based on awareness, attitudes and behaviors regarding reducing energy use and carbon emissions on campus. This survey served as the template for the 2014 survey.

2014 Survey

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Summaries of Key Findings


Survey Comments by Theme

Original Survey Questions

Raw Excel Data and Summary Statistics


A key outcome of the 2012 survey was a communications plan for the Climate Action Plan. The 2014 survey was sent out with the approval of Dean Sandra Archibald in early February 2014, as a follow-up to the 2012 survey. The 2014 survey was designed to measure changes in personal attitudes and interests regarding campus initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and to encourage sustainable practices. Topics include importance of UW's national recognition in sustainability, awareness about initiatives, perceived impact of these initiatives, and how we commute and use UPASS.

2012 Survey

Presentation of Results

Raw Excel Data

Original Survey Questions

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