Environmental Student Groups

Below is a list of active environment or sustainability related student groups at the University of Washington, inactive groups are also listed below the table. For information on non-environmentally related student groups, see the RSO Directory.

Also, connect with others interested in Sustainability on the UW Sustainability Facebook Group.

Student Group



American Fisheries Society University of Washington Student Chapter

The mission of the Chapter is to advance the conservation and intelligent management of aquatic resources within a context of sound ecological principles, gather and disseminate information pertaining to aquatic science and fisheries management.


American Water Resources Association

To share ideas within the water resources community at the University of Washington and to provide students with opportunities to interact with water resources professionals.


American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation Student Chapter at the UW

The Chapter will support and promote students' development in both the professional and academic realms.


Managing the UW Farm hives; Learning about bees, beekeeping and pollination; Continuously basking in the amazement of the honey bee!


Biodiesel Cooperative

The Biodiesel Cooperative's goal is to prepare students for jobs in alternative energy through hands-on experiences. To achieve this end the Biodiesel Cooperative will arrange and execute a plan to utilize waste cooking oil from Housing and Food Services at the University of Washington for the student-led production of biodiesel in perpetuity.

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Bird Club at UW

Our bird watching club will explore the native birds of the greater Seattle area through field excursions and discussion. Open to all levels of birding enthusiasts.

Campus Sustainability Fund

Our goal is to create a sustainable campus and foster an environmentally conscious culture by funding student-led projects that lessen the University of Washington's environmental impact.


Confronting Climate Change (CCC)

We call upon the University of Washington to divest from the top publicly-traded companies that own the majority of carbon reserves and reinvest in socially responsible funds.


Conservation in Style: The UW Chapter of the Gabby Wild Foundation (CIS)

Conservation in Style works along side the Gabby Wild Foundation in raising awareness and funds for endangered species in STYLE. In 2014, CIS conducted contests such as "Art4Animals Awards" and  "Javan Rhino Design Sketch Contest," presentations on the effect of sustainable fashion on wildlife in various classes and other RSO's, and most recently THE UW CONSERVATION CATWALK (a free wildlife inspired eco-fashion show exhibit  featuring eco-fashion designers from across the globe. Each outfit was sustainable designed and inspired by either an endangered species of natural landscape. The event consisted of models flaunting the eco-couture while the audience was educated on the wildlife and nature associated with each piece. and catered to over 1,000 students). Join Conservation in style in their mission to "save the animals, save the world," through sustainable fashion!

Dead Elk Society

The Dead Elk Society works to promote social interaction and networking between graduate students, faculty and staff in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

Earth Club, UW Chapter

To plan and execute projects that encourage environmental stewardship on campus and in the UW community.


Environmental Alternative Spring Break

To educate and inspire lower-income elementary school students of rural/tribal Washington on varying topics of environmental science.


Environmental Law Society

It is the purpose of the Environmental Law Society to enhance its members' awareness of environmental issues, develop experience with environmental law and practice, and build connections to the relevant legal community.


EcoReps at the University of Washington

EcoReps is a student-run organization that works with our peers, faculty, and staff to make the University of Washington a more sustainable place. By aiding in the development of sustainable projects on campus, EcoReps will work in alignment with the UW Environmental Policy statement and the Climate Action Plan goals to decrease UW's environmental impact.


Engineers Without Borders

To help disadvantaged communities improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering solutions.


Fisheries Interdisciplinary Network of Students

To provide graduate student representation at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, participate in curriculum development, faculty searches, and social events.


Food Law Society

The purpose of the Food Law Society at the University of Washington School of Law is to educate UW School of Law students and community members on legal issues affecting the global food supply with a special focus on local agriculture and regulation.

Food Recovery Network of UW

Food Recovery Network unites students to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and the surrounding communities and donating it to people in need.

Forest Club

To promote camaraderie between students, faculty, and alumni of the School of Forest Resources by organizing social and academic events.

Global Brigades at UW

Our mission is to empower volunteers to facilitate sustainability solutions in under-resourced communities.

Global Water Brigade at the UW

To unite students and under-resourced communities to develop and implement clean water projects through community assessments, water quality monitoring, water treatment, infrastructural development, community leader training, and education.


Green Husky Coalition

The Green Husky Coalition is a group of student organizations that meet monthly to bring together ideas to change and promote sustainable culture on campus. Representatives from all UW student groups are welcome.


Green Evans

Connect graduate students interested in environmental issues within the Evans School and across campus, Provide an arena for students to create lasting networks, which will help further students’ future professional goals, focus on environmental public policy and problem solving occurring locally and globally, enhance students’ understanding and participation in the environmental policy process, and increase all Evans School students’ knowledge of environmental issues through events, panel discussions and social activities.


Husky Sustainable Storms

Husky Sustainable Storms (or HSS), an initiative launched by students, faculty and staff of the University of Washington to mitigate stormwater runoff on-campus by designing and building a stormwater treatment structure that mimics ecological processes and reflects environmental values.


International Forestry Student Association

UW IFSA is a club for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in international issues in forestry and other natural resource areas.

Master of Geographic Information Systems: Sustainability Management

Facebook group for students and alumni of the program. The purpose of this page is to provide a forum for people to meet others in the GIS field, network, and pose GIS questions to a larger audience who have gone through a similar experience.

Net Impact

Net Impact's mission is business for the greater good. We are a the Foster MBA chapter of a national organization. This group is for MBAs but other programs can come to our events (find out about them through our newsletters). We are hoping to start an undergrad chapter too.


Net Impact UW Tacoma chapter

The Net Impact, UW Tacoma chapter equips students to integrate sustainability of people, planet, and profits into their academic and professional careers, which are reinforced by our commitment to citizenship and our community.

Project Earth at UW Tacoma The purpose of Project Earth is to promote an awareness of environmental and community issues on campus and within our community by bringing together students who are dedicated to the conservation, protection, and improvement of the environment. Website

Re Think is a registered student organization at the University of Washington that is working to change the way we function on a global level. We will increase awareness and education on all components of the human impact on the environment and create feasible solutions to redesign our progressing society. We will break the mold of the typical reduce, re-use, recycle model by transforming the way we think as a whole. We are proposing an industrial re-evolution.

Real Food Challenge (RFC)

RFC is student run campaign dedicated to working with UW and HFS to provide ecologically sustainable, locally sourced, humanely and fairly produced food to students on campus in HFS dining facilities.



Our goal is to foster a strong community of students who are passionate about marine science and the conservation of marine resources through the organization of social events, volunteer work, academic seminars/research presentations, and other projects. We hope to supply the marine community with both a strong network of students at UW, as well as career resources for the future. Anyone associated with the UW with an interest in marine biology is very welcome to join!


Society for Ecological Restoration University of Washington Student Guild

To create a community for networking among UW and regional restoration students, researchers, practitioners, and other organizations and to share information and job/research opportunities related to restoration ecology.


Society for Ethnobiology

To provide students and community members with collaborative learning experiences around ethnobiology, food sovereignty and biocultural diversity.


Society for Undergraduate Resources in Fisheries

To enrich the educational and social experience for undergraduate students in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences through activities that promote community and support undergraduate growth through learning.


Student Association for Fire Ecology

To provide students from diverse backgrounds with an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed and funding and information resources be accessed.

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Student Association for Green Environments (SAGE)

To spread awareness for environmental issues on and off campus and to promote events for greener, sustainable environment. We are committed to community engagement and education, and creating professional opportunities.

The Student Conservation Association, UW Chapter

Our mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land. We do so via conservation projects across Seattle.

Student Environmental Health Association

To promote awareness of the far-reaching impacts of the environment on human health and create networking opportunities for the members in the professional field of environmental health.


Student Food Cooperative

Operates a cafe in the South Campus Center and a cart on Red Square, affordably providing healthy, organic, local and sustainably-grown food. By working with the UW Farm, we will turn passive customers into active participants in each step of the food system. The goal of the cooperative is to make the university more sustainable by changing lifestyles through engendering a culture of sustainability.


Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED)

SEED encourages environmentally sound practices in the residence halls and serves to raise awareness about environmental issues that affect the residential community.


Sustainability Organization UWB/CCC

To promote interest in and provide information on sustainable development, agriculture, planning, research, policy, education and practices on the Bothell campus of the University of Washington and the local community.


Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry, University of Washington Student Chapter

To promote the curricular, professional, and social development of University of Washington students majoring in Bioresource Science and Engineering.


The Botany Club at UW

To inform and excite the University of Washington community about the wonderful world of plants.


The Coastal Society

A student chapter of a national organization of private sector, academic, and government professionals and students dedicated to addressing emerging coastal issues.

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The Explorers' Guild

We are a social club dedicated to having fun while exploring and appreciating the natural and urban offerings of the Pacific Northwest. Club activities include canoeing, hiking, picnics, and trips to downtown Seattle and surrounding areas.

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The Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

The Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy seeks to publish leading scholarship and analysis of the domestic and international laws governing human interactions with the natural world.


Union Bay Natural Area Restoration Group

To perform habitat restoration work at the Union Bay Natural Area. 

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UW Farm

The UW Farm's purpose is to educate the UW community about the global impacts of our food choices as well as teach students how to grow food in a sustainable manner.


UW Solar

An interdisciplinary team of students at the University of Washington in conversation with the UW Housing & Food Services regarding the development of a solar installation with accompanying Industrial Control Systems on buildings at the UW campus, and are engaged in providing effective outreach to students about the benefits of smart solar investments.


Vertical Farmers of the Pacific Northwest

To utilize current and future technologies to better provide healthy, sustainable produce for urban populations. We strive to involve students from all majors and backgrounds to join our group and find solutions to food security.

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An organization dedicated to facing up to society's big problems, taking action, and winning concrete changes that improve the quality of our lives.


Wildlife Society Student Chapter at the University of Washington

Promote the conservation of wildlife species and the ecosystems that sustain them; provide members with an understanding of wildlife management, wildlife biology, and conservation biology.


Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honor Society

To promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship and integrity among students of forestry, environmental science, and natural resources at the University of Washington.