Take the pledge!

The University of Washington has established a commitment to environmental stewardship, setting the bar well above merely complying with laws and standards. The University is committed to being a positive force for enhancement of the environment, not just in research and education but in how it manages facilities and resources. 

We invite you to take a pledge towards this goal while on campus by saving energy, promoting sustainable food, conserving water, protecting green space, increasing recycling, and reducing reliance on polluting modes of transportation.

A special thanks to our colleagues at Emory University for inspiring us with their pledge.

Select the pledge actions below and on the following pages that you would like to commit to. When you're done, click the "submit" button and you'll be emailed a copy of your pledge.

Saving Energy
Reducing your electricity use by changing your behavior reduces your environmental footprint and, when on campus, helps UW achieve our Climate Action Plan goals.