UW Sustainability offers a quarterly undergraduate seminar series through First Year Programs that gives students the opportunity to explore sustainability at UW and beyond.

Autumn Quarter

The autumn quarter seminar in the series explores sustainability efforts and resources on campus such as the UW Sustainability campus map, UW Recycing programs, and the student-administered Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF).

Winter Quarter

The winter quarter seminar explores the amount and breadth of sustainability-related academic programs and degrees in more detail. For student feedback on this course, visit this page.

Spring Quarter

The spring quarter seminar explores how students can make more sustainable choices, personally and professionally.



You can learn more about the current and upcoming seminar course below: 

Spring 2017

  • GEN ST 297-I | Undergraduate Seminar: Exploring Sustainable Choices in Life & Work
  • Th 2:30-3:20pm
  • 1 credit, C/NC only
  • Open to all majors
  • Instructor: Sean G. Schmidt, sgs1@uw.edu
  • In this course, students will explore opportunities to make more sustainable choices in life and work. Sustainable choices in life include decisions in areas such as the food one eats, the clothes one wears, and the car one drives (or other form of transportation one chooses to use). Sustainable choices at work include how to find work that matches your personal values, how to present sustainability in the workplace in a way that fully engages organization, and how to sustainability can help improve and expand the work of companies, agencies, or nonprofits. 

Course Flyer