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UW Green Certification Programs!

Green Certification Programs at the University of Washington are recognition programs intended to reduce the environmental impact of various spaces across campus by educating students, faculty, and staff about sustainable practices. The programs provide an evaluation framework with resources to implement the practices within their spaces, in alignment with strategies laid out in the UW Climate Action Plan. We currently offer Programs to Certify offices, laboratories, Greek Houses, and Residence Hall rooms. Learn more about these programs.

To the right is the UW Sustainability office displaying their Green Office Certificate. Send us your recognition photos sustainability@uw.edu.

Join A Green Team!

Green Teams on campus are an important piece of UW Sustainability. Students, faculty, and staff can get involved in various ways.

Take the Pledge!

Show your personal commitment to sustainability by committing to one or more actions on the UW Sustainability Pledge!

Conserve Paper!

Learn about paper conservation efforts on campus, and see what you can do to contribute to University of Washington's 30% paper reduction goal.

Join a student group!

Find a student group that's right for you with our list of environmental groups on campus.