Team Location: Gerberding Hall

Team Departments:

  • Board of Regents
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • UW Sustainability
  • Faculty Senate
  • Office of Research
  • Rules Coordination
  • Strategy Management

Team Mission: To aid the offices located in Gerberding Hall in operating sustainably. We're in Gerberding which houses the President, the Provost, and many other great programs, we're going to be the 'amythist' of Grean Teams at UW!

Team Accomplishments:

  • Formed A team, and had several meetings!
  • Started composting in some kitchens that did not previously have it.
  • Initiated the installation of MiniMax throughout the entire Gerberding building.

Meeting Schedule: Monthly

Contact Name: Sean Schmidt

Contact Email:

Start Up Date: December 2010