Team Location: Schmitz Hall

Team Departments:

  • Student Fiscal Services

Team Mission: To streamline processes to reduce waste of resources and increase efficiency.

Team Accomplishments:

  • Reducing the number of daily paper reports received
  • Eliminated purchasing paper products for the kitchen
  • Began re-using paper that had only been printed on one side
  • Set everyone's printer settings to default to duplex, black
  • Placed reminders on everyones monitors to turn them off at the end of the day
  • Held an event to promote plants in the office
  • Held contests for "cleanest desk" to encourage reducing paper
  • Reuse folders, files, and envelopes when appropriate
  • Reduced our use of paper
  • Surveyed staff "green" behavior. Result turned into dashboard "Greendex"
  • Acquired recycling bins for each kitchen and conference room, as well as for individual offices and work stations
  • Started composting
  • Created a trading post
  • We hope to begin actively working on individual processes to eliminate the use of paper, one process at a time, until our office no longer relies on it.
  • Integrated Green practices into LEAN
  • Achieved Silver Green Office Certification

Meeting Schedule: N/A

Contact Name: Colin Sachs

Contact Email:

Start Up Date: 05/29/2008