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The Graduate School Blog
April 5, 2012

Gone are the days of paying potentially hefty sums to print and bind hard copies of UW master’s theses or doctoral dissertations. And students no longer have to haul paper versions of their works to Graduate School staff for final submission. The process is now mostly electronic—and free of charge.

As of spring quarter 2012, all graduate students must visit the UW Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) website to launch the process of submitting their final documents. A new online system allows students to upload their work, handle requests for minor revisions (formatting changes , for example) from Graduate School staff, and order optional bound copies of their documents, all in one place.

Cost savings

Previously, costs for submitting a thesis or dissertation could run into the hundreds of dollars. All graduate students had to pay a required $25 binding fee to the Graduate School—in addition to what could be hundreds of dollars for printing two hard copies of their work—when making their submission. Doctoral students had to pay an additional $70 for microfilming. Students wishing to make their works widely available on an open access basis had to pay an additional $100.


And beyond the costs, there were cumbersome administrative steps, such as visiting or calling Student Fiscal Services to request that the required charges be placed on the student’s account. And then, of course, there was the trek to the Communications Building with documents in hand.