The University of Washington Green Office Certification Competition provides a friendly competition for offices to take extra steps to make their office more sustainable and do better in the competition. The winners for the 2014-2015 school year are:

Greenest Office: Department of Psychosocial and Community Health, School of Nursing

Most Improved Green Office: Department of Psychosocial and Community Health, School of Nursing

College of the Environment Greenest Office: School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

Congratulations to these offices for their achievement in the Green Office Certification Program. These awards are circulating awards, and will be passed to the winning offices next year at the UW Earth Day Celebration in April 2016.


We thank Keeney's and Office Depot for their committment to sustainable workplaces at the University of Washington and beyond, and for their contributions that make these awards possible.


University of Washington Green Office Certification Competition Rules and Guidelines

Offices should submit application by March 31st, 2016 to qualify. 

  1. The Green Office Certification program and its subsequent programs (i.e. this competition) shall be administered by the UW Sustainability office.  
  2. All offices at the University of Washington are eligible for participation in the program and its competition.
  3. An office, self-defined, is typically a university unit working toward one common goal, operating under the same criteria of the program, and sometimes, but not always, restricted by physical location depending on office operating practices.
  4. Office size is defined by audit submitters.
    • The minimum number of employees is one.
    • There is no maximum number of employees in an office.
  5. Offices shall submit the online version of the Green Office Certification Application available at
    • The application includes questions regarding: energy conservation, green meetings, paper conservation, publications and marketing communications, purchasing, increasing waste diversion, alternative transportation, and uniqueness.
  6. Offices shall, to the best of their ability, answer all questions of the audit completely and truthfully.
  7. Offices shall re-submit the full audit on an annual basis to retain certification level.
  8. Offices failing to meet certification may resubmit.
    • There is no minimum wait time between submissions.
  9. UW Sustainability shall, so far as can be reasonably expected, return application results quickly.
  10. An office shall become a participant in the campus-wide competition upon application submission.
    • This includes the posting of office certification score and ranking on the website.
  11. Offices hoping to compete in a year’s competition shall submit their application no later than the last day of March.
    • Submission received after the last day of March shall be entered into the subsequent year’s competition.
  12. Offices failing to meet certification may resubmit when they see fit.
    • There is no minimum wait time between submissions.
  13. Innovation points are awarded at the sole discretion of the UW Sustainability office.
  14. Green office consultants shall be available to meet with application submitters before and after application submission to assist in raising score.
  15. Competition rankings shall be compiled during the first week of April on an annual basis.
  16. Offices shall be ranked based on their overall audit score.
  17. Offices are eligible for 2 university-wide awards: Highest Score University Wide and Most Improved from Previous Year.
    • Offices within the College of the Environment are eligible for the College of the Environment Highest Score award.
  18. An Office shall not hold the awards plaque for consecutive years, regardless of score.
  19. Certified offices shall also be ranked into 3 distinct categories based on audit scores: Bronze (55%-69%), Silver (70%-84%), and Gold (85%+).
  20. Office rankings shall be made available on the UW Sustainability website.