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How to Apply for Certification...


  1. Select a representative  from the lab to be the point of contact for anything related to the Green Labs Program. This can be anyone from the lab such as a grad student, lab manager. or even the Principal Investigator.

  2. Go to

  3. Log in and fill out the online application (this should take 20-30 mins). If you have issues, you can always save and come back to the application.

  4. Contact if you need help.

  5. Check your email for your certification results and feedback (takes 1-5 business days to process).

  6. Celebrate your achievement and/or make improvements.

  7. Repeat this process after 1 year. If your lab did not qualify for certification, or if you would like to achieve a higher level of certification, you may make changes and resubmit your application at any time.

Apply for Certification!

What are the levels of Certification?




These percentages are calculated by dividing the number of points the laboratory achieves by the total points it is capable of achieving. For example, not every laboratory has a fume hood, so not every laboratory can say, "fume hood sashes are kept closed when not in use." Instead of penalizing labs for things that are not applicable to them, the program adjusts the total number of points possible accordingly.

How is a laboratory scored for Certification?

The evaluation has 8 categories and adheres to a point system, with 1-3 points assigned to various lab attributes or behaviors and with opportunities for bonus points for extra effort. Based on the feasible actions for each laboratory, certification is awarded according to the following qualifications:

The laboratory must first score 10% or greater in every category, and then achieve an overall percentage of the following for each level:

Bronze - 55-69%

Silver - 70-84%

Gold - 85% +