What is the SEED Green Endorsement program?

The SEED Green Endorsement is an opportunity for SEED and Housing & Food Services to recognize the great stewardship that many of our residents are practicing as members of our residential communities. In collaboration with Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, we have created this Endorsement Program to offer an opportunity for students to better tell their stories and to express to their friends and neighbors why sustainability is important to them. Finally it’s a way to create a critical mass of residents seeking to live more sustainably and acknowledging those efforts. It will hopefully become a movement that inspires UW students; those living on campus and off to be more thoughtful about how they go about their day and what impact that can have. Through gaining the different levels of endorsement, room residents will collect prizes and show off their achievements and their own commitment to the environment.

Interested residents will participate in a simple audit process in which they will have to comply with a list of sustainability standards. Your audit will be conducted by a SEED member who will be a resource of environmental knowledge and provide helpful advice in achieving your goals. This manual/package will also be a useful resource in answering most, if not all of you and your roommates͛ questions on how to be more sustainable in your daily living habits.

The audit itself will be based on the everyday habits of you and your roommates. The idea is to reduce the amount of energy used, waste created, and chemicals put into the environment through these greener practices. Additional opportunities to earn points toward endorsement will include community participation, consideration around socially equitable alternatives (like fair trade products), and education about sustainability.

(The SEED Green Endorsement Program is modeled after the program at the University of South Carolina.)

Levels of Certification

Level One: Bronze
Level Two: Silver
Level Three: Gold
Level Four: Purple

How to Apply for Endorsement

  1. Complete the Application and checklist online or submit via email to SEED at: SEEDDir@hfs.washington.edu 
  2. For most items on the checklist, there are corresponding resources in the resources page.
  3. After the room audit is completed you will be awarded a SEED Green Endorsement and door placard.

Online Application | Resources | Contact SEED


Why is the SEED Green Endorsement Program Important?

The Climate Action Plan calls for the establishment of an individual level reporting tool (Strategy 2.3.1), the sharing of opportunities for individuals to gradually integrate new habits into their every-day routine (Strategy 2.3.2), and for the availability of general guidelines program for UW students to reduce their environmental impact (Strategy 7.4.2), each of which the SEED Green Endorsement Program supports. In addition to aligning with these strategies, the impact of the program's criteria help reduce carbon emissions and conserve water and energy resources.