It is a lovely day for a bicycle ride through campus indeed. Below are our 2018 stops and route.

1. Hansee Hall. Hansee Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus, built in 1935 as the “Women’s Dormitory” for the UW campus. Much of the furniture in the lounges is original to the building (has been reupholstered), and there are several display cases throughout the first floor that chronicle the history of Hansee through artifacts. The four houses in Hansee (Austin, Leary, Blaine, and McKee) were named for prominent women in the history of Seattle and the UW. At the entrance to each house there is a plaque commemorating its namesake. Nearby are the UW's newst dorms: Madrona, McCarty, and Willow Halls. Learn more about these halls, including their sustainability features, at the New North Campus webpages.

2. Denny Hall. Next stop is Denny Hall. Originally completed in 1895, Denny was completely remodelled in 2016 with many new features that promote sustainability.

3. Suzaallo Library, Red Square, Odegaard Library. Suzzallo Library on Red Square is one of the most iconic builings on the UW Campus. Suzallo Library has a long history. Just across Red Square from Suzzallo is Odegaard Library that recently completed a full green remodel as well.

4. Drumheller Fountain. Another iconic location on the UW Seattle campus. Yet another spot with a rich history, the rose garden has become as famous as the cherry trees on the Quad.

5. Live Sciences Building. The Life Sciences Building is one of the newest and most exciting projects on campus. Innovative sceince, technology, and sustainability all take center stage.

6. ASUW Shell House. The last stop on the 2018 Tweed Ride is the ASUW Shell House which is celebrating the launch of it's Next 100 Years campaign. From the Boys in the Boat story to the Salish Canoe, Willapa Spirit, that will call the shell house home, the ASUW Shell House is poised to become one of the new favorite spots on campus.