By Daimon Eklund | Feb 3, 2015

It's time for UW's garage sale.

On the first Wednesday of every month, the HUB's main desk is the place to go for cheap reusable water bottles, USB flash drives, sunglasses, jewelry and a ton of other items. The HUB lost and found sale is the final stop for items lost on campus which go unclaimed. 

What you'll find changes each month. According to the HUB, past items have included iPods, jackets, backpacks, sunglasses, textbooks and calculators, in addition to the always-expansive selection of forgotten water bottles and USB drives. The sales helps finds a new home for these items instead of sending them to the trash.

Of course, an even better outcome is reuniting a lost item with its owner. The HUB is the central home of lost and found for most of campus. If you've lost an item at UW, use the lost and found inquiry form and HUB staff will let you know if they have your item.