By Chika Acholonu | Apr 29, 2015

During Winter Quarter 2015, many labs achieved Green Laboratory certification by going above and beyond the criteria on the Green Laboratory application. The following are some of the cool innovations being done by these Green Labs:

  • UW-Bothell Chemistry Lab (Gold): This lab uses dynamic light control sensors that turn down lights depending on natural light levels in their lab. In effect, this lab reduces its energy use.
  • Treponemal Research Lab (Gold): The Treponemal Research Lab autoclaves pipet tip boxes with other loads using autoclave racks. In doing so, this group cuts down on loads and on water.
  • Zalatan Lab (Bronze): This lab uses conducting aluminum beads as an alternative to water baths for warming reactants. Traditional water baths require lots of energy to work. By using aluminum bead baths instead, the Zalatan Lab is able to decrease its water and energy use.

For labs either wishing to become certified, or just aiming to improve their certification level, the above Green Labs are a great inspiration for lab sustainability practices going forward. We sincerely hope that the practices of the above labs can spark ideas for other lab members on how to reduce their environmental impact.

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