By Sierra Harden | May 3, 2015

Welcome to Week 6!

Here are some of the highlighted events for the week. All of these events and more are listed on our Sustainability Events calendar, where you can find the full details for all events and any last-minute additions. If you'd like to get a weekly email of all the upcoming sustainability events, subscribe here. If you know of any events which should be added, let us know.

Monday May 4

  • Come listen to Speaker Sally Thompson-Iritani the director of the office of Animal Welfare at UW speak about "Advancing science and Animal Welfare at the Major Research University." (Kane Hall 120, 3:30 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 5

  • This week’s Weight and Wellness Series topic is "Obesogens: How Chemical Exposure May Cause Obesity.” University of California, Irvine professor Bruce Blumberg will discuss his research on how chemical exposure may play a larger role in causing obseity than was previously believed. Kane Hall 130, 6:30 p.m.)
  • All students are welcome at the EcoReps meetings - come and find out what they doing and get involved! EcoReps encourage sustainable behaviors in students, faculty, and staff of UW through peer-to-peer communication, motivation and education. EcoReps work with the Greek community through the fabled Greek Sustainability Officers by promoting the Green Greek Certification, helping chapters become more sustainable in their living habits. They also host events with the goal of educating and encouraging more sustainable behaviors. Lastly, EcoReps coordinates and implements sustainable projects around UW Campus for credit, or fun! (Denny Hall 205, 7 p.m.)

Wednesday, May 6

  • Join the SEFS Spring 2015 Seminar Series and listen to Professor Lance Gunderson  from Emory University speak about “assessing ecological resilience and adaptive governance in regional scale water systems” There will be a casual reception in the Forest Club Room after the seminar. (Anderson Hall 223, 3:30 p.m.)

Thursday, May 7

  • This year's GPSS Science and Policy Summit "Reconnect: Our Planet," will examine climate policy and communication, in light of the upcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) in Paris. The summit is designed to discuss ways in which climate science and policy influence each other through the experience of various practitioners, and to learn how we can improve communication on these topics. (Kane Hall 220, 5-8 p.m.)

There is also a whole bunch of other events that occur weekly listed on our calendar, don’t forget to check those out!