By Karina Mazhukhina | Jul 10, 2015

When his friends were buying cars, UW student Scott Calvert was busy saving money for a better bike.

It's a passion he's sharing with UW by working at the ASUW bike shop - a hub for the UW biking community that's detailed in this video.

"I’ve always liked bikes," Calvert says. "It’s this tiny machine that’s basically an extension of your own body rather than something that encases you and does all the work for you. You’re really connected to what you’re doing."

Calvert helps other students and UW staff improve their bikes. Students have access to a wide range of complimentary tools and equipment available. Mechanics are also there to answer any questions or simply talk shop.

"It’s just a cool center on campus where you can come talk anything bike," Calvert said. "Everyone here just loves it to death."

Watch to find out more about what makes the ASUW bike shop a special place for the UW community.