By Karina Mazhukhina | Sep 4, 2015

From taking showers to eating breakfast, individual actions can contribute to making UW more sustainable.

UW Students, faculty and staff are putting sustainability at the forefront, continuing to set the bar high for universities around the country. UW takes conservation of any kind seriously. So much that it has decreased its water usage by over 770,000 gallons per day since 2001. UW is also proud to source local food – 53 percent of food purchases come from within 250 miles of the campus.

That’s not all. Thanks to the U-PASS program the university implemented, UW commuters emit 7,318 fewer metric tons of CO2e per year. The average UW commuter also emits 56 percent less CO2e than people who commute to other jobs in King County.

To get a better idea of the percentage of people who commute to UW or how many greenhouses gasses (and more) UW generates, check out the Sustainability Dashboard the UW Sustainability office has put together. It’s informative and easy to navigate!

In the video above, see how everyday actions can make a difference in maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle and keep UW a top leader in environmental stewardship along the way.