By UW Sustainability | Oct 7, 2015

The UW Sustainability mascot, Sqwatch, has a love of the environment so deep his heart is green (and he's clearly got a passion for purple and gold). As a sasquatch, Sqwatch is well versed in leaving no trace and making sure his impact on the environment is minimal. Even a bigfoot can have a small environmental footprint, and Sqwatch is here to help spread the knowledge to the UW community. We'll be letting you in on some of Sqwatch's Secrets every week, providing easy tips to reduce your impact and leave a lighter footprint.

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Instead of throwing away unwanted items like appliances, tools, or clothes, try donating or reselling them. And when you're looking for something new, see if you can find it gently-used first.

You can find everything from clothes to building materials at consignment shops, garage sales, thrift stores, and online exchanges and auctions like eBay and Craigslist. Items bought second-hand are often less expensive and still look good as new!

The City of Seattle has a list of resources on where to donate, pick up, and resell items in the Seattle area. Plus, check out EPA’s five ways to reduce and reuse. 

Also, did you know that the City of Seattle provides free household products which have been turned in? Products that may be available include: Oil-based paint, stain and primer oil-based paint, stain and primer; wood care products; cleaning products (e.g., bleach, toilet cleaner); automotive products (e.g., oil, antifreeze, car wax). Click here to learn more

Fun fact: Items we think of as waste, like old computers, car batteries, and appliances, can be reused or reprocessed to recover valuable materials.