By Karina Mazhukhina | Oct 1, 2015

An array of prizes, handouts, and a wheel with several “green” categories greeted students waiting patiently to play the sustainability game and walk away with a variety of prizes, and hopefully, greater knowledge of how to live a green friendly lifestyle. 

UW Sustainability and UW Recycling were part of the Dawg Daze fall quarter kick-off with two full days of games, prizes, and gift cards in an effort to educate students about sustainable living and waste diversion on campus. Students spun the wheel and were asked questions regarding recycling, composting or general campus sustainability before earning their prize.

“UW has already done so much when it comes to making our campus an inviting, open green space,” said UW student Alex Adekoya. “Having everyone participate in events like this shows how committed our staff and students are in making UW more sustainable.”

For the two days, September 30 and October 1, UW Sustainability and UW Recycling managed the UW Recycling tent in Red Square – helping students learn about UW’s sustainability efforts, running a sustainability quiz game, and demonstrating how to properly recycle and compost.

“I try to be sustainable as much as possible in my daily activities,” said freshman Olga Cherephahin. “I came to this tent to learn more about recycling, garbage, and compost because I am still slightly confused on what goes into which bin.”

Students were given information on how to properly compost and recycle, including a demonstration of many compostable serviceware items available in campus cafes. However, UW Sustainability and UW recycling were not the only offices spreading awareness on how to live green. Over 50 student organizations are dedicated to helping UW students minimize their carbon footprint.

Earth Club and The UW Farm were just two of the many groups with tables on Red Square, recruiting students who are passionate about helping the environment and advancing environmental stewardship on campus.

“Sustainably at UW has definitely grown over the years,” said UW Farm representative Cyrena Thibodeau. “The number of students who are expressing interest and getting involved with groups like ours has really grown. I’m a senior now, but over the course of my four years here I have really seen efforts grow.”

No matter if you’re a senior or just starting your freshman year, students of all ages are putting sustainability at the forefront.

"I’m definitely interested in sustainability on campus,” said incoming freshman Mary Koutrelakos. “I think it’s awesome how the West coast is very environmentally friendly. I used to live on the East coast and it’s not the same there as it is here.”

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