By UW Sustainability | Dec 28, 2015

UW's Climate Change video contest is back! The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences wants you to create a short (3 minutes or less) video showing what climate change means to you.

Grab your camera, phone or tablet and show the world how you feel about climate change - your vision, your voice. Are you confused, angry, powerless or scared? Or hopeful and inspired to take action?

Your video may address the impacts, challenges and solutions associated with climate change at any scale, from your everyday life to the world around you. And it can take on any format imaginable—Claymation, music video, film noir mystery, ballet, stand-up comedy routine, rock opera, documentary...and everything else in between!

The contest is open to all high school and undergraduate students in the state of Washington. The winning video in each category will win $5,000, and prizes are also available for the second- and third-place finishers. Submissions are due by April 4, 2016. 

Click here for full details and the entry form