By Zan Roman | Mar 24, 2016

The EcoReps student group has been working on several campus projects to further sustainability at UW.

The UW EcoReps clothing swap will be held on Friday, April 8, in Red Square from 2-5 p.m. This project helps address the current issue of textile waste in the United States. In order to promote a change in social norms surrounding textile consumption, we are offering a fun, sustainable event for students to come together and exchange their gently used clothing. 

Another project EcoReps is focusing on is the Environmental Stewardship Committee's 15% Energy Reduction gruop. We're working with the committee to take steps to improve heat and energy conservation at the IMA. The project has been looking at how to increase proper use of the airlock doors at the IMA to reduce the amount of heat lost from the building when the non-airlock doors are used. By monitoring incorrect use of the airlock doors at the IMA, data is being compiled to show which corrective measures should be taken. Our goal for this project is to implement changes to the IMA that will reduce heat loss, and therefore heat consumption in the IMA, by 15%.

EcoReps is also working with First Year Programs. The FYP Waste Orientation Module project is an endeavor by EcoReps, partnered with UW Recycling and UW Sustainability, to provide education on proper waste practices to incoming students.