By Sierra Harden | Mar 22, 2016

ENV H 439: One Health: Human and Animal Health in a Changing Environment is open to all students who have taken biology 180 or an equivalent course. If you have not taken biology 180 but are still interested in the course, email Trina Sterry at

In this class,

  • Students will explore the One Health concept, through a case based approach.
  • Topics include emerging zoonotic infectious diseases transmitted between humans and animals, animals as sentinels of environmental hazards, the human-animal bond, and the comparison of spontaneous diseases between human and animals.

There will be two otional field trip opportunities during the quarter.

General Education Requirement: NW & I&S
Credits: 3
Professor: Peter Rabinowitz
Time Offered: M/W 9:00-10:30
SLN: 14073

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