By UW Sustainability | Apr 19, 2016

UW Transportation Services has introduced a new Bike Buddy program to help new bikers gain confidence in bike commuting - just in time for Bike Month and the Bike Everywhere Challenge in May.

Bike Buddies are UW students, faculty, and staff who have bike commuting figured out and want to help others who live near them bike commute to campus. Often, figuring out a comfortable bike route from your neighborhood to the UW is the biggest barrier in bike commuting. Bike Buddies are your new friends who know the way.

“We have over 4,000 students, faculty, and staff bike commuting to campus on a typical day from every neighborhood in Seattle and beyond. Each of those people has figured out how to deal with the No. 1 barrier to bike commuting: discovering a comfortable route,” explains Ted Sweeney, active transportation specialist at UW Transportation Services. “The Bike Buddy program gives those experienced riders a chance to help grow our bike community by sharing their route with a prospective new rider.”

Learn more at the Transportation Services blog, or sign up today.