By Karina Mazhukhina | Apr 18, 2016

Veronica Guenther has gone above and beyond in her role as outreach coordinator for the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF). Currently, she is coming up with innovative ways to bring in more small sustainability projects around campus. She has begun reaching out to students and faculty in the Dance program, GIS, ROTC, and American Indian Studies.

“We currently have a high concentration (of applicants) in engineering and environmental studies, but sustainability work has to come from all fields to achieve broad based, systemic change,” said Guenther.

Guenther also wants to create more meaningful connections with advisers, faculty and staff. She’s launched an email campaign to the UW’s 250 academic advisers and has been meeting one-on-one with faculty members this quarter.

“The idea is to empower others to create change,” said Guenther. "(I hope) to encourage others to take their ideas and implement them."

The Husky Green Awards recognize the top environmental leaders at the University of Washington. Individuals or groups from all UW campuses are nominated by faculty, staff and students. We'll be featuring many of the 2016 nominees on the blog this month. The winners will be announced on April 18, with an award ceremony during the April 22 Earth Day celebrations on Red Square.