By Karina Mazhukhina | Apr 15, 2016

This past December, Salina Abraham was one of four University of Washington undergraduates to attend the Global Landscapes Forum in Paris. At the Forum, more than 3,000 people came together to forge solutions to the planet’s greatest climate and development challenges through sustainable land use. Abraham’s speech is featured in the video below.

“I was honored to be able to share solutions developed by youth and share our sentiments,” said Abraham. “Those who heard my address really took the opportunity to talk to the hundreds of young people who were in the audience, including myself, offering advice, opportunities, and just a candid discussion on our common passion - the environment, our planet, and people.”

While Abraham is not busy inspiring the next generation of students’ abroad, she spends her time as VP of Public Relations for the UW International Forestry Student Association Chapter. She is also the head of International Processes Commission for the International Forestry Student Association. Her role includes overseeing community engagement, spanning from providing opportunities for students around the globe to contribute to the highest-levels of decision making, crafting policy proposals, and making statements. Abraham is also in charge of developing the IUCN World Conservation Congress workshop in Hawaii this upcoming September.

 “The main message that I want to spread across UW is that we, students, have incredible talent and power when we come together,” said Abraham. “We must believe in our ability to constructively contribute to discussions, as we are not naive and uninformed. I want UW students to know that our time, talent, and energy are needed now.”

The Husky Green Awards recognize the top environmental leaders at the University of Washington. Individuals or groups from all UW campuses are nominated by faculty, staff and students. We'll be featuring many of the 2016 nominees on the blog this month. The winners will be announced on April 18, with an award ceremony during the April 22 Earth Day celebrations on Red Square.