By Karina Mazhukhina | Jun 20, 2016

Recent UW graduate Jesus Martinez-Gomez never imagined moving from a small farming community in Ferndale to cultivating his passion for science at the University of Washington.

Over the last four years, undergraduate researcher Martinez-Gomez studied the mutation of genes in flowers. He has received five scholarships, ranging from UW McNair to Excellence in Biology. He has also been a part of seven programs, ranging from UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs to NYU School of Medicine Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

“I didn’t know anything about what it actually meant to be a scientist before I came to the University of Washington,” said Martinez-Gomez in the video. “I’ve gone from being this guy from Ferndale who knows how to weld and likes science a little bit to someone who’s prepared to start a PhD. Program.”

The UW Life Sciences Complex will open in 2018 and expand undergraduate research opportunities to the next generation of biology students.