By Sierra Harden | Oct 13, 2016

CSR Thursdays is a student-authored blog post series in which we share information about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts underway by the many and diverse suppliers and vendors of the UW. Look no further to start gaining an understanding on what businesses that provide products often purchased by students, faculty, and staff are doing to promote environmental sustainability! 

This week’s company: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, a UW Campus sponsor, is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Air travel is by no means a very sustainable mode of transport, but it is necessary in today world. Acording to the US Buearo of Transportation 1.73 million people board domestic flights per day in the US. Alaska Airlines recognizes that their business impacts the environment and are committed to doing every thing they can to lessen their environmental footprint, and make the world a more sustainable place for people, their cutsomers and communities. In 2013, they created a 2020 sustainability strategy focused on their imporatnt sustainability challenges. Two of their many notables efforts are related to sustainable bio fuels and inflight waste.

Avation biofules generate 50-80% fewer carbon emissions than petroleum fuels on a life-cycle basis. In 2015 Alaska Airlines partnered with Boeing and the Port of Seattle to conduct a $250,000 biofuel infrastructure feasibility study. They also created a plan in parnternship with Gevo Inc. to fly the first commercial flight using alcohol-to-jet fuel.

Alaska Airlines' 2020 goal for inflight waste is to reduce inflight waste sent to the landfill by 70% over a 2010 basline. In 2015, they launched an onboard composting program for coffee grounds to address the more than 250,000 pounds of coffee boarded each year. Their total waste sent to the landfill decreased from 4,173 tons in 2014 to 3,065 tons in 2015.

Below you will find an infographic of their 2015 highlights. To learn more about their sustainability strategy, visit Alaska Airlines' page here


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