By Karina Mazhukhina | Feb 3, 2016

You already know that cutting down on purchasing helps the environment, but sometimes you can't help it. In those cases, where you decide to shop can have a major impact on your local economy and the environment.

Buying locally helps reduce processing, packaging and transportation waste – all leading to less pollution. Plus, local businesses put more of that money back into the local economy. 

Learn more on why shopping locally is beneficial for the local economy, the environment, and what you can do to help both.

The UW Sustainability mascot, Sqwatch, has a love of the environment so deep his heart is green (and he's clearly got a passion for purple and gold). As a sasquatch, Sqwatch is well versed in leaving no trace and making sure his impact on the environment is minimal. Even a bigfoot can have a small environmental footprint, and Sqwatch is here to help spread the knowledge to the UW community. We'll be letting you in on some of Sqwatch's Secrets regularly, providing easy tips to reduce your impact and leave a lighter footprint.
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