By UW Sustainability | Jan 20, 2017

The UW Farm is looking for three undergraduate students to work through the 2017 growing season. These internship positions will work with the UW Farm on field preparation and crop production, as well as outreach and teaching.

Students are expected to work 10 hours a week in the Spring and Fall quarter and 30 hours a week throughout the summer, and will be paid $15/hour. The internships start on March 27 and end Dec. 8. To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Sarah Geurkink at by Tuesday, January 31.

More information from the UW Farm's job post

This position offers opportunities to work at three unique farm sites on campus, as well as opportunities for work specialties and project leadership. During the course of the position, student staff will learn and practice practical aspects of sustainable urban agriculture including:

  • Field preparations, including tilling, amending, irrigation and mulching
  • Crop production, including propagation, transplanting, pest management, harvesting, washing, packing and delivery.
  • Infrastructure set-up and maintenance, hoophouse, row covers, trellises, wash-pack, irrigation, and storage areas
  • Teaching, coordinating and supervising volunteers
  • Basic maintenance of tools and machinery
  • Recordkeeping

The UW Farm Manager will support student staff by incorporating education and mentorship throughout the workday, as well as opportunities for field trips and workshops, based on student staff interest.

This is an all-weather job. Student staff are expected to come to work on time and consistently, rain or shine. Commitment to the full three quarters (Spring, Summer, Fall), and a willingness to learn, work hard and be flexible is required; previous farming experience is not. In the event of activities requiring supervision of minors, a criminal background check will be conducted by the University of Washington.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

  • Heavy Lifting
  • All-weather
  • Work environment may have allergens—dust, mold, grasses, etc.
  • Hazardous materials
  • Wear and work in personal protection when appropriate or necessary
  • Occasional work after-hours or on weekends will be required

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Sarah Geurkink at by Tuesday, January 31