By Toren Elste | Jan 18, 2017

Have you seen Zipcars around campus? Zipcar and other car-sharing services are a good complement to your U-PASS membership, providing access to vehicles when they are needed without requiring you to own (and park) a car.

There are several Zipcars available on campus, and UW students can join at reduced rates. Car sharing reduces demand for on-campus parking and can alleviate congestion on the roads. The program also includes everything you need to get around campus like gas and insurance, they also offer flexibility for students, faculty and staff too. Zipcars replace about 200 personally-owned vehicles on campus and more than 400 personally owned vehicles in the U District.

Zipcars at UW are one piece of a transportation plan to help move us toward our climate action plan goal and foster our sustainability environment here at UW. According to Keenan Ball, UW’s Zipcar account executive, Zipcar users reduced almost 5,900,000lb of CO2 last year.

Zipcars are a great way to get around. If you're thinking of heading out for an adventure this weekend, grab your friends and give Zipcar a try!