By UW Sustainability | Feb 8, 2017

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? The UW sustainability office is looking for a new Green Certifications student intern.

The position will work with our Green Certifications specialist to help expand the reach of Green Certifications at UW, including the Green Laboratory and Green Office certifications. The UW Green Certification program recognizes offices and labs that help decrease UW’s environmental impact, and provides resources to offices and labs offices on campus to help them move towards more sustainable office practices. Through this internship you will gain hands-on experience in project management, program development, collaboration, networking, communications and marketing. You will also learn how to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders and navigate through the complexities of UW, learn how to incentivize sustainable behavior and learn more about sustainability at the UW.

To apply, visit HuskyJobs and search for position # 111579