By Jayna Milan | Nov 14, 2017

Hey there!

My name’s Jayna Milan and I’ll be helping out the sustainability team as the Communication Intern for this school year! I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Thailand at an international school, and am now a junior studying business with an focus in marketing. I’m incredibly excited to join the team and have the opportunity to highlight student projects across campus and be part of a community that not only cares about the environment, but will work hard to include everyone in the conversation.

I aspire to shake up the traditional corporate world with my ethusiasm for sustainability, women empowerment, and cultural diversity, and hope to empower others through powerful storytelling. Passionate about the outdoors, travel, and journalism, I founded and am now the Editor-in-Chief (AKA team mom) of Voyage, UW’s first travel magazine entirely created by and for UW students. And when not writing long bios, you can typically find me biking around Seattle, taking photos for the Daily, swing dancing, editing (more) photos, and cooking good food with Motown music blasting in the background.

Jayna’s Photography