By UW Recycling | Sep 23, 2019

We've all had those moments, holding an item over the recycling bin and hesitating because we're just not sure where it goes. Should it go in recycling? Compost? Landfill? 

UW Recycling is here with answers. Here are five quick tips to help you recycle properly on campus.

1. How do I know if I’m recycling properly?

Recyclables should be…

  • clean, empty, and dry
  • not food-soiled
  • kept loose & not bagged

2. How do I properly recycle plastic?

Plastics are…

  • not recycled based on the chasing arrow symbols
  • recycled based on shapes of cups, bottles, jugs, and tubs
  • recycled only when bigger than your index finger (3 inches)
  • not put in recycle bin if they’re thin (plastic bag, plastic blister packaging, etc)

3. What items other than food is compostable on the University of Washington?

All serviceware such as cups, lids, plates, straws, utensils and napkins from…

  • on campus cafes
  • on campus dining halls
  • on campus Starbucks

4. What are some items that are often disposed incorrectly?

  • Pizza boxes: Compost it!
  • Plastic blister packaging: Trash it!
  • Styrofoam food bowls & cups: Trash it!
  • CDs/DVDs, batteries, small electronics: Find an eMedia bin!

5. What are some resources to help me recycle?