By UW Sustainability | Jan 22, 2016

UW Transportation Services' Commute Concierge is hiring! We’re looking for students who are interested in helping UW commuters find sustainable, affordable, enjoyable ways of getting to, from, and around campus. Students who are interested in sustainable transportation, behavior change, problem solving, transportation demand management, and helping people are encouraged to apply. 

Concierge staff will develop personalized commute plans for individuals recommending various mode of transportation based on each individual situation. Using transportation resources and behavior change theory, Concierge staff will help customers discover the best commute option to meet their needs and values, foster intrinsic motivation to use lower-carbon modes, and help customers access lower-carbon modes. Concierge staff work both in an office environment and at various locations around campus hosting events throughout the week.

Interested candidates should send Emily Kathrein, Commute Options Assistant Manager, their resume and cover letter describing why they are interested in the position. All applications should be emailed to Emily at by Wednesday, February 3 at 5 p.m.