By UW Sustainability | Dec 29, 2015

This article is from the UW Environmental Health & Safety newsletter.

We invite all members of the UW community to contribute to improving the environment by participating in our integrated pest management program. You can help by not using pesticides or insecticides on campus.

If you see pests in a building or on UW grounds, please contact UW Environmental Health & Safety at 206-543-7209, 206-616-1623, or We will send a pest control expert to investigate the issue and determine the best low-impact approach.

For many years, our go-to solution for pest problems was to apply a pesticide or insecticide. In recent years, we have learned that approach has negative impacts to human and environmental health. EH&S now implements an integrated pest management program, which focuses on using as few toxic chemicals as possible and creating a safe environment for humans and the beautiful natural ecosystem on our campuses.

The next time you see a pest on the UW campus, contact us and we will send an expert to manage it as safely as possible.

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