By Toren Elste | Dec 28, 2015

UW Sustainability supports sustainable initiatives happening all over. The UW Tacoma campus has outstanding sustainability efforts, and the surrounding City of Tacoma is also working to address environmental challenges.

Tacoma is working on an Environmental Action Plan (EAP) which will work to identify priority actions to address environmental challenges. The city of Tacoma strives to achieve quality of life for every generation, present and future. The city hopes to work together with citizens to achieve safe, vibrant and healthy communities and minimize negative impacts to conserve our natural resources that help our communities thrive.

Tacoma also has an Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability, which works to promote and implement sustainable practices across the city. Learn more about the city programs here.

UW Tacoma is a major player in sustainability in the city of Tacoma. Through the UW Tacoma master plan, sustainability has become a major component of campus development. In addition to providing guidelines to future construction the plan also details water use, emissions and much more.

UW Tacoma also employs a range of academic programs to help get students involved such as environmental science, sustainable urban development and the business schools center for leadership and social responsibility. To learn more about UW Tacoma’s sustainability programs check out this link.

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