By UW Sustainability | Mar 9, 2016

The UW Sustainability team is honored to have been nominated for a 2016 UW Distinguished Staff Award. We recently took part in the annual reception honoring all nominees, and came away very inspired by all the great work happening on campus.

The reception included remarks by President Ana Mari Cauce before all of the nominees were introduced and brought on stage. Check out the photo above of our team preparing for our introduction. Pictured are, from left: Renewable Energy Liaison Marilyn Ostergren, Project Manager Elise Glassman; Communications Coordinator Daimon Eklund; Web Manager Dan Druliner; Assistant Director Sean Schmidt; Programs Specialist Chris Toman; and Outreach and Events Specialist Toren Elste. Director Claudia Frere-Anderson and Associate Vice President Ruth Johnston were unable to attend.

Congratulations to all the nominees!