By UW Sustainability | Sep 18, 2019
Climate Emergency protest sign

A Climate in Crisis: Staying Present and Active in the Time of Climate Change

As the climate crisis gains more and more attention from the media and the general public, feelings of eco-grief, anxiety, and helplessness abound. This focus group is formed in the hopes of inspiring and empowering its participants to take action on climate change, whether that be going to protests, calling politicians, reducing one’s personal carbon footprint, or one of the many other ways to get involved. We will brush up on the basic science of climate change and its solutions, discuss ways to control the stress associated with the crisis, and of course, the different ways individuals and communities can act to mitigate it. Several guest speakers, including climate scientists and activists, will provide facts and perspectives to improve students' understanding. No prior knowledge of climate science or activism is required.

This focus group is a 2-credit course (CHID 496D) open to all UW students. The course meets Tuesdays from 1:30-3:20 p.m. in Padelford Hall C101. 

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