By Alex Huff | Dec 2, 2015

With the beginning of the Green Greek Representative Program, the EcoReps have asked the representatives to make a statement about what sustainability means to them and their efforts to increase sustainability in their chapters. This week we’re showcasing the Alpha Chi Omega (AXO) sorority whose representative is Kalie Morrell.

"I chose to be the Green Greek Representative for AXO to learn more about sustainability efforts so I can pass on what I learn to others who may not have been taught about the importance of sustainability," Kalie said.

"My first order of business in progressing my chapter's sustainability efforts would be to better educate the girls on how to sort their trash and to get them to care a little bit more about the idea and reasons for it as well. I think that for the most part, the girls do a good job at composting, but I think we need some work on separating trash and recycling.

"While there are many members in my chapter who are very passionate about sustainability, I believe the majority either do not have an opinion or do not think that it is relevant so they do not think that changing their habits will make a difference. My goal is to inspire the girls to care a little bit more about the sustainability and change their perspective on why it is important as well."

We are excited to see so much enthusiasm from the chapters and cannot wait to see the changes they make!

Photo courtesy of Kalie Morrell