By Alex Huff | Feb 4, 2016

EcoReps is continuing its Green Greek Representatives blog segment with Danny Maier from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, who wrote a piece on his chapter’s new Sustainability Chairman position:

Recently, my fraternity made a huge stride in going green by adopting a new house position called the 'Sustainability Chair.' Serving on this chair requires you to fulfill 5 major duties. These duties are as follows:

1) Be responsible for maintaining the grounds of the fraternity property and disposing of any compost products associated with such a responsibility;

2) Maintain a main compost receptacle and compost disposal systems throughout the house property;

3) Work with the house manager and custodial chair to buy or implement more eco-friendly alternatives to house supplies and necessary functions (i.e. laundry, hand towels);

4) Maintain a satisfactory score on the University of  Washington’s Green Greek Certification on a monthly basis;

5) Collaborate with the active Community Service Chairman to coordinate “green” service events to improve the house or community.

Being a major supporter of adding the Sustainability Chair as a house position, I also was inspired to run for it. I can proudly say that I am the first SAE to be holding the sustainability chair position and am highly passionate to make my house as sustainable as it possibly can be.

I am excited about the new position in my chapter, however, I want to encourage other chapters of the Greek Community to follow what we have done here at Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I believe that every chapter in the Greek Community should have some form of Sustainability Chair, as it allows for someone to take on the responsibilities to ensure that their chapter is taking the necessary steps to becoming more sustainable. Although going Greek is an option in college, going green is a necessity to ensure that our community and planet stay sustainable for years to come.