By UW Sustainability | Jan 19, 2021

The 2021 Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainabliity Conference (WOHESC) will be February 11-12. This year's conference is fully virtual, and several UW students, faculty and staff are among the speakers and panelists taking part in sessions over the two-day conference.

WOHESC is a platform for inspiring change, facilitating action, and promoting collaboration around sustainability within the Cascadia region's higher education institutions. Conversation, workshops, and networking opportunities will empower participants to advance environmental and social justice performance. Solutions shared at the conference will be tailored for implementation in our unique political, social, economic and environmental climate.

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Check out a few of the featured UW speakers at WOHESC:

WOHESC 2021 program announced

On the morning of February 10, UW Sustainability's Toren Elste & UW Bothell Sustainability Coordinator Alexa Ruuso are speaking as part of the the session "Making the Case for Sustainability in a Rapidly Shifting Political, Social, and Economic Landscape."

WOHESC day two will start with an all-conference panel on "Climate Grief, Eco-Anxiety, and Mental Health in the Face of Overlapping Crises," including Jennifer Atkinson, an associate professor of Environmental Studies at UW Bothell, and Jenna Truong, a student in UW's Environmental Studies program.

UW Sustainability's Claudia Frere-Anderson and Christoph Strouse will be part of the session "Centering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Climate Action and Sustainability Planning."

The Campus Sustainability Fund's Fotima Ibrokhim and Yahia Ali will present on "Navigating the Evolution of Student-Led Sustainability Green Funds in Higher Education."

See full details and other sessions on the WOHESC program listing.