By UW Sustainability | Feb 25, 2016

Ever wondered which food suppliers at UW Medical Center's Plaza Cafe might provide local, organic, and sustainable products? Come and see the new poster located at the main entrance of the cafe to help you learn more.

UWMC’s Technology and Wellness Manager Charlotte Furman worked with a UWMC intern, as well as interns and staff at UW Sustainability, to develop a big picture look. The 3’x 4’ poster, mounted on the wall at the main café entrance, displays information about Plaza Café food vendors, with pictures and color coding denoting local, organic and sustainable suppliers.

Many diners are interested in knowing where their food comes from, and the hope is that this poster will both provide more information and encourage further exploration. A complementary set of posters, featuring mouth-watering products from around the Northwest, will also soon be posted around the café.

The posters are also available online at the UW Sustainability website.