By UW Sustainability | Sep 7, 2022
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The UW Environmental Studies program is looking for organizations to host Capstone Interns for Winter 2023. The Capstone is an opportunity for undergraduate students to take their education into the world beyond the classroom by doing hands-on work and answering researchable questions pertaining to the project. 

A site supervisor at the partner organization helps define the responsibilities of the student(s), monitors progress toward goals, reviews drafts, and provides direction and assistance. In addition, the site supervisor:

  • Creates, reviews, and approves a work plan and list of final deliverables with the student(s)
  • Meets regularly (at least every other week) with the student(s) during the internship
  • Completes an evaluation of student performance to assist in assigning grades

The interns work for a minimum of 150 hours. Most will be looking for projects that begin in early January and continue through mid-March, but there are some who are looking to start earlier or continue through March (the precise scheduling is flexible).

See the full details about the Capstone program here.

The UW Environmental Capstone Program is asking all potential supervisors to provide information via an online web form.

Submit your project

Please complete the form no later than close of business on Wednesday, September 28th. Earlier is better as it gives students more time to review these descriptions and prepare applications.

Environmental Studies is planning an optional online Meet & Greet on Wednesday, October 12 from 2:30 to 3:50 p.m., with a "virtual coffee" starting at 1 p.m. As with our previous Meet and Greets, the event will provide students and supervisors an opportunity to get acquainted and answer questions before internships are selected. As part of the "virtual coffee" we'll discuss specifics of hosting students while accommodating ongoing COVID issues and logistics of the online Meet and Greet format.

For more information, please contact Sean McDonald at or call/text 206-914-1776.