We've all had those moments, holding an item over the recycling bin and hesitating because we're just not sure where it goes. Should it go in recycling? Compost? Landfill? 

UW Recycling is here with answers. Here are five quick tips to help you recycle properly on campus.

1. How do I know if I’m recycling properly?

Recyclables should be…

  • clean, empty, and dry
  • not food-soiled
  • kept loose & not bagged

2. How do I properly recycle plastic?

Plastics are…

  • not recycled based on the chasing arrow symbols...
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Students in lab coats sorting recycling and compost

Do you have questions about proper recycling or composting? Are you unsure about what goes in which bin when you're throwing stuff away? UW Recycling wants to provide answers. Here are 10 of the most common recycling myths that pop up on campus, along with definitive answers!

Myth #1: All cardboard and paper is recyclable

Since we need to avoid food or grease in the recycling, pizza boxes and food-soiled paper like napkins should be composted.

Myth #2: All plastic items marked with the chasing...

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Gabrielle Coeuille blowing bubbles at WM outreach event

This guest post is by Gabrielle Coeuille. Gabrielle is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in International Studies with a focus on Environmental Studies at the Jackson School. She hopes to explore international waste management systems after graduation. 

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with the Waste Management Recycle Corps – an award-winning program that puts college students through an intensive hands-on job training and then deploys them to lead recycling education and outreach in communities across Puget Sound.

For me,...

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Climate Emergency protest sign

A Climate in Crisis: Staying Present and Active in the Time of Climate Change

As the climate crisis gains more and more attention from the media and the general public, feelings of eco-grief, anxiety, and helplessness abound. This focus group is formed in the hopes of inspiring and empowering its participants to take action on climate change, whether that be going to protests, calling politicians, reducing one’s personal carbon footprint, or one of the many other ways to get involved. We will brush up on the basic science of climate change and its solutions, discuss ways to...

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Sustainability @ Dawg Daze 2019

Fall quarter is nearly here, and it's Dawg Daze time! Whether you're a new student on campus or returning for another year, these Dawg Daze events will give you a good introduction to sustainability efforts on campus, and some ideas on how you can get involved.

Sustainability walking tour

Friday, September 20
meet in front of the HUB, 1 p.m.

Explore a few of UW's sustainability features, from innovative buildings to secluded green space. Join UW Sustainability for a walking tour highlighting just a few reasons UW's campus is a leader in...

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WOHESC 2020 banner

The Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) will be March 2-4, 2020, at the University of Oregon. Submissions are now being accepted for speaker, session and case study proposals. The deadline is October 11.

See the full details below or on the WOHESC site.

Submit proposals here


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pile of discarded food

This Spring, UW Recycling staff guest-taught students in the Nutritional Sciences 302 Food Systems class - led by faculty member Yona Sipos - regarding the composting process and how to sort compostable materials on campus. The students were then given an assignment to think about ways the University of Washington could reduce food waste. 

We've included a selection of the student thoughts below:

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Football sustainability volunteers

You can help Husky Athletics make a difference! UW Athletics is looking for volunteers to help reach our Zero Waste goal in Husky Stadium this Fall. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, and groups are welcome. 

Volunteers are especially needed for the early-season games, starting with August 31 against Eastern Washington.

Volunteers will engage with fans before and during the game to encourage sustainable practices around the stadium and tailgate areas. This could include helping fans correctly recycle and...

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File cabinets, chairs and paper

For many workplaces across the University of Washington, summer can be a time to tidy up offices and get rid of unused equipment, or even move spaces. Cleaning up or moving out of an office is not an easy task. Not sure where to start? UW Recycling has some general guidelines to follow to get rid of your unwanted items.

First: use UW Surplus

UW Surplus takes unwanted items, resells what they can and recycle most of the things that cannot be sold. If your unwanted item was purchased with University funds, regardless of condition, it must be transferred to...

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UW Sustainability has an opening for a part-time Green Certification Coordinator. This is a 12-19 hour per week position for an enrolled UW student, starting Fall 2019. Full details below. To apply, go to Handshake and search for position 2786073.

Job Description

The University of Washington's Green Certification Programs seek to reduce the University's environmental impact by inspiring and supporting sustainable efforts by students, faculty, and...

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