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Adam Fehn is a Program Coordinator for UW Recycling. He took a personal challenge to go plastic-free during the month of July.

Why Did I Go Plastic Free?

As a recycling Program Coordinator, I was very aware of the amount and types of plastics I used and I knew that many of those items were packaging and single-use plastics. Like most people, I was caught up in the convenience of a system that perpetuates the cycle of disposable plastics. When I heard that we at UW Recycling were going to start a social media campaign surrounding...

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person cutting vegetables

Post by Gabrielle Coeuille, UW Recycling Waste Diversion & Reduction Intern

When we go to the grocery store, it’s hard to avoid plastic. From produce, to meat, to dairy - packaging is everywhere. Plastic has become so entwined with our food system that it is hard to remember a time when all your seasonal berries didn’t come in a carton that lasts practically forever. So I asked myself this question:

Is it possible to have a truly plastic free meal without going to a bulk store or the farmers market? Additionally, is it possible to make this meal as low impact as...

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Food systems collage

UW graduate student Jonathan Chen has created a UW Food System COVID-19 Survey to better understand how COVID-19 has impacted people's access to food on UW Seattle’s campus. Anyone affiliated with UW Seattle who is 18 or over is invited to participate and enter a drawing to win a $50 gift card to the University Bookstore. Documenting your experience during this difficult time can help improve things for the future.

Take the survey

Questions? Please email ...

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zero waste supplies

Join UW Recycling, UW Sustainability, and The Whole U this month in committing to reduce plastic use

As July hits the Pacific Northwest, it means more sun, more time outside and for sustainable-minded folks, less plastic. Join UW Recycling, UW Sustainability and the WholeU in lowering our plastic waste during Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July speaks for itself: avoid using or buying...

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close up of many empty plastic bottles

So much of the material we handle on a daily basis is made of plastic. Let’s delve into some common questions about the puzzling predicament of perplexing plastic!

What does the number in the chasing arrow symbol mean?

Understandably, many people often think that the chasing arrow symbol on a plastic item means that the product is recyclable. However, that’s not always the case. The symbol and the number inside it is called a “resin identification code,” which tells the consumers what kind of plastic was used to make the product. The resin identification code was made in...

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book and movie posters

Check Out UW Recycling’s Top Movie and Book Recommendations

The UW Recycling team has put together a list of books and movies we love that teaches us more about the world of waste. Best of all, they are (nearly) all available with a Netflix account, library card, or flat out free!

UW Recycling recognizes that issues surrounding waste and pollution disproportionately impact people of color, while the majority of media representation about waste and pollution is created by white individuals. With this list, we strive to embrace inclusive films and...

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Emma Wilson and Anya Gavrylko at the Student Sustainability Forum

For Emma Wilson and Anya Gavrylko, sustainability is about more than just the environment. 

As the co-leaders of the Sustainability Curriculum Coalition (SCC) student group, the duo shares a passion to advance and redefine sustainability at the UW.

“There is the three pillars approach that is environment, social, economic, which is sort of like level one sustainability,” Anya said. “It's understanding how one action impacts everything throughout those other actions and having everyone understand that they have a role to play.”...

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UW Sustainability is hiring a part-time Student Program Assistant starting this summer. Applications are due by June 19.

The position would generally assist with office operations, including maintenance, update, and data entry for databases and spreadsheets; routine clerical tasks; respond to office inquiries and support the office with communications to university staff, students, and faculty members about office activities and resources; assist staff with campus sustainability activities; assist with special projects; support the director with meeting...

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Environmental Justice Conference: Developing Capacity through Collaborative Action

The 2020 Environmental Justice Conference, hosted by the College of the Environment's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion office, works to bring awareness on environmental and climate justice initiatives, as well as to create a space for dialogue across scales, affiliations, and worldviews. This is the third annual version of the conference, and the first to be held entirely online. The conference...

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Sharda Shah, solar cooker and cooked cauliflower

This is a guest post from 10-year-old Sharda Shah, the daughter of Mauli Shah who works in UW Medicine’s IT Department. As they have been looking for projects at home, this Earth Month they found a solar cooker sitting unused in their shed and decided to try it out. Here are Sharda’s thoughts on using a solar cooker, and how it shows solar energy can be useful even at small scales.

It is difficult to regain our motivation and desire to try new things during these new and unprecedented times. We all want life to go back to normal, and thus fall into unhealthy routines...

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