UW's Manastash Ridge Observatory gets sustainability overhaul

For 40 years, the University of Washington's Manastash Ridge Observatory near Ellensburg has been home to countless research projects studying our vast universe. Now, it’s working on incorporating environmental sustainability into the mix.

"It’s time to make changes that reflect the use of the facility and our impact on natural resources, particularly our water and energy consumption," said Oliver Fraser, UW astronomy lecturer.

Restoring ecosystems with a Native perspective

A handful of students make their way to the University of Washington’s Forest Club Room as Todd Woodard stands in front, getting ready to discuss land preservation in Coast Salish country.   

Restoration projects are an integral part of Samish Native American culture  – whether it’s restoring ecosystems in the Samish river watershed or reviving landscapes in Cypress Island.

“The heart of restoration is getting things back to the way they are,” began Woodard, director of the Samish Nation Natural Resources Department.

UW professor takes us through Seattle’s environmental past

Hundreds of guests gathered in Kane Hall’s gigantic auditorium last week, waiting patiently for UW history professor Linda Nash to present a lecture on Seattle’s environmental past. 

“Tonight, I want to propose a different way of looking at Seattle’s history,” she began. “My goal here is to emphasize that our city is not an isolated entity, but is itself a product of connection.”