Six places to get your veggies

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re stuck next to the spinach bags in the produce aisle at the grocery store. You can’t move, and you realize: you aren’t the only UW student meal prepping on a sunday night. You resolve to discover new ways of acquiring your bananas and spinach, but luckily for you, we’ve already done the work for you!

UW Student Food Coop works to connect students, sustainability and food

There's a little-known space in the HUB, all the way to the back of the ASUW offices. There, you'll find a tiny room with crates full of dried fruits, granola, green lentils, and tea lining the walls, soft music playing in the background, and friendly staff asking, "How has your day been going?"

You might forget for just a minute that you’re still on campus.

Student takeaways from UW's first Global Leadership Summit

The words sustainability and business are not often heard together in the same sentence within the corporate sector.

As traditional business practices have typically prioritized profits over purpose and people, many people remain critical about a company's true intentions. Thankfully, slow and steady progress over the years have created an undercurrent of individuals, organizations, and business leaders who have repeatedly asked: how can businesses do good in the world?