UW Seattle Campus Donates Record Amount of Items to Local Organizations

As a result of UW Recycling’s annual waste diversion event known as SCRAM (Students Cleanup, Recycle and Moveout), the University of Washington’s Seattle campus donated a grand total of 28.7 tons of reusable items to local charities and non-profit organizations, a 60% increase from 17.9 tons in 2014.

Styrofoam recycling at UW

Polystyrene foam (a.k.a Styrofoam) is a petroleum-based plastic. It’s typically tossed in the trash once it serves its purpose of insulating beverages and food or cushioning fragile items, but because Styrofoam does not decompose, a multitude of issues arise once it’s released into the environment. Examples include air and marine pollution, the release of toxic chemicals and the destruction of wildlife that ingests the plastic. So, how do you address a problem like polystyrene foam?

Help reduce waste at the landfill by donating unwanted clothing

Don’t know what to do with your old or damaged clothes? Don't throw them away - many thrift stores, dropboxes and other locations in the area will take them and reuse or recycle them, reducing waste in the landfill.

It doesn't matter if the clothes are ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged - find the nearest donation location instead of putting them in the trash.

UW recognized in RecycleMania Tournament

The University of Washington’s Seattle campus earned a spot on the list of top 20 schools in RecycleMania, a national collegiate waste diversion tournament. For the first time in the University’s three years of participation, UW finished 17th overall with a recycling rate of nearly 63%. Additionally, the University surpassed other Pac-12 schools by 20% in total waste diversion, which includes both recycling and composting.